student2middle schoolTransition from Elementary school to Middle school can be little challenging for some students.  We assess all the student to identify their potential and area they need to work on. Our focus is to prepare students for high school by making them strong for academic successes.

We take the stress away from students by placing them with qualified and certified teachers / Instructor for subject of their choice. We mentor our students to achieve long term goal and be successful in life through solid foundation.

Our Tutoring Academy cover all University, College, IB, IBT, and Sci-Tech and STEM level courses 


At Right Angle Academy, we understand that the Middle School Mathematics is very critical. So we introduce the Right Angle Maths Middle School Programme which is a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system that uses the HEIR – “HOOK”, “EXPLORE”, “INQUIRE” and “REINFORCE and REFLECT” LEARNING MODEL” to impart mathematical skills to students.

Your child will be taught the latest accelerated learning and experiential learning techniques that allow him to understand the purpose behind every skill/technique, and be empowered to develop new skills to solve the problem or event; eliminating the need for hard memory work, and in the process become the “mathematician” themselves by understanding and constructing new knowledge.

Science tution5Maths can be challenging as students are transiting from elementary to middle school, where it may be hard to adapt to the change in difficulty of the subject. Using our learning techniques, we strive to smoothen the transition for elementary  students, helping them to cope with the changes.

At this stage, Maths is important for students taking their EQAO Levels/tests.

Compared with other Sciences, Maths is considered as a “DRY” subject with lots of formulas and lots of regurgitation. At Right Angle Academy,  we make the subject interesting by LINKING new knowledge from past experiences familiar to students and helping them construct new knowledge through an inquiry, self-exploratory process. In this way, students learnt without much memory work. The mathematical results were mere “common sense” and problem solving becomes a natural process.