students2Right Angle Academy is established with the genuine belief that all children are achiever. The latest research in Brain-Based and Accelerated Learning has shown that everyone has the same learning potential! All that we have to do is give them the chance to unleash their full potential. By equipping them with the right tools in developing empowering beliefs and effective learning skills, this will pave their way to endless possibilities.

Right Angle has been offering the highest quality tuition services to students of Pre-Kindergarten to High School. The number of students has increased significantly as most of our students excel in their examination.

At Right Angle Academy, our enrichment programmes are specially designed to help students develop the motivation, confidence, self-discipline and effective learning skills.Our primary goal is to keep students ahead and prepare them to excel in English, Maths, Science, French, University Courses, and Special Program for standardized EQAO Test, Literacy test OSSLT and CCAT, IB, IBT, SCI-Tech and STEM to score distinctions or high distinctions in their exams. Today, thousands of parents who aspire to help their children, develop the love for learning and reach their highest potential,send their children to our center.We strives to bring out the best in your child academically.

All children are naturally good learners. Think about how fast and well they learnt when they were much younger. The dynamics of learning how to walk is extremely complex, and yet, children are able to master it through their learning capabilities! What has since stifled their natural inquisitives of learning and creativity? As such, the traditional methodologies of instructions as well as the carrot-stick approach adopted might not be very effective. This has even caused some to build a mental block to learning and be totally unmotivated.We understand the motivating factors that will re-stimulate their minds and help them relearn learning by breaking old patterns. Learning takes on a whole different experience when perceptions are redefined here at Right Angle Academy.